Secrets of improving your sex drive that your doctor won’t tell you

Nalule Bonita

One of the most embarrassing moment for any man is when you can’t hold it longer than the recommended time. It happens all the time and every man has at one point been a ‘victim’.

What’s the recommended time you ask, right? Well it’s definitely not one minute like Missy Elliott sang in her 2001 mega hit One Minute Man, no woman wants a one minute man.

And don’t get it twisted, the one minute is only used as hyperbole in this case, so don’t you go out bragging that you are well off just because you lasted 3 minutes, you are still a ‘one minute man.’

Because of the fact that this is a major problem among men, a lot has been written about the topic with countless remedies to the problem.

Pharmaceutical companies have not been left out, many drugs have been produced just to help men hold it for more than the ‘one minute’, the likes of Viagra. Herbalists have also come up with various remedies, the likes of mulondo and some other plant roots, stems and leaves which are not part of the solution you will be learning today.

When you chose to go with the clinical medication out there, there are always side effects that come with using them, when you go with the herbalist, these are also usually not easy to find and most are bitter so it’s not easy keeping up with the prescription.

This is exactly why I have decided to reveal to every man out there the easiest and probably cheapest remedy to the ‘one minute man’ conundrum so stay with me.

In order to solve any problem, you need to know what’s causing it in the first place. I will pose a question to you my friend that is reading this, do you why you are not lasting more than necessary?? No?? Well I will tell you….

All one minute man problems start with too much Sugar intake!! Yes you heard it. Sugar in take is one of the BIGGEST causes of this failure to hold back your ‘ninjas’ when you are at it.

Apart from the sugar we put in our tea, we also consume sugar in other forms that many ignore or they just don’t know about. For example soft drinks like sodas, alcohol, food stuffs like cakes, fruit juice both processed and the non processed, sweets and chocolate etc etc. all these have sugar in them and they all affect a man’s sex drive.

Here is the remedy you’ve been waiting for,

1. Do away with any sugar intake as much as you can. If you love your beer, please resist the temptation for at least a fortnight. In order to get good results, you must abide by this.

2. Where necessary like enjoying your cup of coffee (please note, I am saying COFFEE and not TEA) replace the sugar with natural bee honey. Most of the honey on the market is unfortunately adulterated with the same thing we are trying to avoid which is sugar. Therefore try to find good un adulterated bee honey.

3. Get the locally processed coffee and add a spoon full to your cup. Add some powdered ginger and then add three spoonful of honey and finally add hot water. Take this in the morning and the evening.

4. You can also take a spoon or two of honey in two intervals during the day.

Follow the above 4 steps to the dot for at least two weeks and see your longevity in the ‘game’ improve from the one minute you are lasting currently to 60 plus minutes.

Don’t bother thanking me later, just share this with another man out there, trust me every man needs this information!!

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