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Sheebah opens up on her father’s negligence

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Sheebah Karungi has revealed that she has never felt like she has a father after being risen by a single mother.

Sheebah couldn’t finish her studies due to limited resources. The artist says that she even doesn’t know what a father should do in a family

“I don’t know what a father should do in a family, I have never felt like I had one because I never saw one growling up. A last born of five children. I am a senior one school dropout and left home at age 14.” I hear that my father is rich person but I am not bothered.”

Sheebah on the difference between religion and knowing God

“I believe in God however am neither a muslim nor am I a christian. There is a difference between religion and knowing God. A case in point a person that prays but steaks is religious but doesn’t know God because they don’t act in his way.” Said Sheebah while on NTV Mwasuze Mutya program on Friday

On 9th December, Sheebah will be holding her live in concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

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