Gullible Ugandans mistake a routine emergency exercise for a crash at Entebbe


Earlier this year, the main stream media reported that 14 million Ugandas were mentally sick. This was according to a report by the Uganda Counseling Association and the Ministry of Health.

It there for came with no surprise when a section of the 14 million Ugandans in question started circulating wrong information on social media platforms of an alleged plane crush at the Entebbe international airport.

It so happened that on the 4th November, 2022, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority together with the industry stake holders conducted a full-scale emergency exercise at the airport and it is this very exercise that was being falsely reported as an accident.

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority did put out a notice informing the general public about the exercise but, well a big section of us are not mentally fine like we now know as reported by the ministry!!

“Residents of Entebbe, Kampala and surrounding areas are likely to see smoke, movement of ambulances with blazing sirens to and from Entebbe as part of the exercise. Passengers and the general public are urged not to be alarmed” read part of the notice.

The exercise is a mandatory requirement for international airports of countries that are contracting member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Before you forward a message that has been forwarded to you, please take time to verify what you are passing on else we think you are part of the 14 million Ugandans.!!

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