Frustrated Boda Boda rider punches traffic officer on duty

Ivan Kigozi

Drama ensued at Kyengera in Wakiso district as a furious boda boda rider went bare knuckles with a traffic officer.

The incident followed a traffic police operation that was started by the authorities in Kampala and the neighbouring areas.

The aim of the operation was to impound all boda bodas of riders who didn’t have the required reflector jackets, helmets as well as permits.

During the operation, the police officer stopped the boda ridder and asked him to show his jacket, helmet and a permit which he appeared to present but in a hesitant manner.

After lengthy talks and sharp verbal exchanges, the boda ridder relentlessly punched the officer in the face as the onlookers cheered.

He was later arrested while the officer was attended after losing some of his teeth.

The ridder insisted he had all what was required by the traffic police but didn’t understand why the officer insisted on having his motorcycle impounded.

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