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Photos: Bobi Wine’s documentary “The People’s President” premier sells out in Amsterdam

Man Jose Kayima

Last night, Bobi Wine’s documentary dubbed as The People’s President premiered in the Netherlands.

The premiere was held at one of Amsterdam’s biggest theatres Koninklijk Carré.

“Last night at the Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam, our documentary was watched by hundreds of people. Such a humbling experience to see the love and solidarity! Glad that through this film, the world is getting to understand the criminal enterprise which rules our country.” https://t.co/TZJdxpiwuU

People enjoying the documentary (Photo by Lukeman Kampala)

“Everywhere the film has premiered it is received with shock and dismay. This film is especially about the sacrifices so many comrades and friends continue to make in our quest for a better nation. I am optimistic that our struggle will end in victory! https://t.co/1nWuFa8pD
An overwhelmed Bobi Wine wrote on his Twitter,

An overwhelmed Bobi Wine at Koninklijk Carré theater in Amsterdam (Photo by Lukeman Kampala)

NUP General Secretary David Lewis Rubongoya also said,

“Full house at Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam as Bobi Wine: The People’s President documentary premiered. Gripping story of resilience, sacrifice and courage in the face of great injustice. People cried, got angry and were shocked at what happens in Uganda under Gen. Museveni.” https://t.co/pzwHnvSX4g

Full house at Koninklijk Carré theatre

The People’s President” is a passionate and revealing documentary about the Ugandan musician, actor, activist, and presidential hopeful Bobi Wine.

The audience watching the People’s President documentary (Photo by Lukeman Kampala)

The film directed by Christopher Sharp and Moses Bwayo was also recognized as the “2022 Audience Award: Best Documentary Feature” at this year’s Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF).

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