Former President’s children oppose DNA test proposal

Man Jose Kayima

The Children of former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki have opposed the DNA test proposal.

The proposal was to find out whether they are siblings with two persons claiming in court that they were sired by him and want a share of his wealth.

Kibaki’s four children led by Judith Wanjiku have cited violation of their privacy and have urged the court to dismiss the request filed by Jacob Ocholla and a woman codenamed JNL seeking orders for sibling and paternity DNA tests.

Mr Ocholla and Ms JNL want the court to order a sibling or paternity DNA test. They want the court to direct them together with Kibaki’s four children Judy, James Mark Kibaki, David Kagai Kibaki and Anthony Andrew Githinji Kibaki be subjected to a DNA test to establish whether they are children of the late President.

In the second alternative they want the court to order the exhumation of Kibaki’s body for extraction and collection of samples to be used in a DNA paternity test.

Meanwhile, in a six-page that was signed in 2016, Mr Kibaki shared his undeclared wealth equally among his four children Judy, Jimmy, David and Anthony.

Kibaki died on April 21 aged 90 and had directed that estates and the cash in banks should only be shared along his bloodline, keeping his children-in-law out of

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