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Promoter Luba and Eddy Kenzo at loggerheads over millions of money

Nalule Bonita

Fresh from holding a very successful show dubbed ‘Eddy Kenzo festival’ at the Kololo Independence grounds last week, Grammy award nominee Eddy Kenzo and event promoter Luba have been in a war of words since the Covid lock down was lifted.


In 2020 Luba with his Luba events went into an agreement with Artist Eddy Kenzo to organize his show at the Kololo Independence grounds. According to Luba events, he paid a deposit to Kenzo for four shows.

Unfortunately for Luba, the COVID lockdown happened around the same time and the shows couldn’t go on as planned. When the lockdown was lifted, Luba went back to Kenzo so that they could start preparing for the shows.

It is at this point that Kenzo asked for 520 Million from Luba events which he failed to pay and Kenzo went ahead to hold the shows without Luba events.

When they failed to agree, Luba events went to court and secured a court injunction on the Eddy Kenzo festival. Not to be outdone, Kenzo according to Luba used his connections and managed to hold all four shows with army protection.


Just a day after the show at Kololo, Kenzo addressed a press conference at which he said his life is in danger. A sobbing Kenzo went ahead to claim that there are people who tried to sabotage his concert by even telling some of the international artists he had lined up not to show up.

Not to be left out of the crying antics, Luba while addressing a section of the media also shed tears as he explained that he lost money and Kenzo did not compensate him.

Luba events also had a copy of the court injunction that prohibits any person to organize a show of Eddy Kenzo in the country until they have sorted out their issues with him.

The two parties also accused each other of receiving money in form of compensation from different sources. Kenzo alleged that Luba events received 450million when government was compensating event organizers.

Luba events on his part said Kenzo received money from the government but he did not give him a single coin.

It now remains to be seen if the court injunction that Luba events secured will be of help to him or it will be overpowered by Kenzo’s connections and orders from above!!

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