SC Villa lands in hot soup for fans hooliganism

Man Jose Kayima

The FUFA Competition Disciplinary panel has punished SC Villa over fans hooliganism.

During their game between SC Villa and Wakiso Giants at Muteesa II Stadium last week the unruly SC Villa fans threw stones at match officials and Police was called intervene to disperse the fans with Teargas and bullets.

According to the findings by the panel, the hosts Villa failed to control their fans.

The Findings:

Disciplinary proceedings were opened against Sports Club Villa (SC Villa)pursuant to match reports stating that, during the StarTimes Uganda Premier League match No 46 SC Villa vs. Wakiso Giants FC match played on Friday, 11th
November 2022 at Mutesa II Stadium-Wankulukuku, it was reported that:

1.During half time interval match officials were denied access to the dressing
room by the home team fans who were violent, throwing stones and bottles
to the match officials and the match officials failed to access the dressing
room at half time interval.

2.After the match, the fans continued to throw bottles at match officials as they walked from the field of play to the dressing room which prompted police into action. The fans poured urine at the match officials while in the
dressing room through the windows.

3.It was further reported that during the scuffle the team doctor of Wakiso
giants was stoned and injured on his forehead.

All of the above actions are in violation of the FUFA Competitions Rules and bring the game of football into disrepute

The above disciplinary charges were put to the attention of the SC Villa, which filed a written response on the 15th November 2022 in its defence to the effect

•SC Villa admitted all charges.
•Contended that deduction of points from the Club and fines will not help to solve the problem.
•The Club also raised several mitigating factors in its defence.
On the 16th of November 2022, the Competitions Disciplinary Panel convened to
determine the matter, the Club was represented by the Vice President Mr. William
Nkemba, Mr Bakaki Daniel (Trustee of the Club) and the CEO Mr Bazirengedde
Muhammad appeared when the Committee had closed the proceedings.

In the hearing, Club supplemented to what was stated in the written defence and the Committee considered the same in its findings and decision.

The decisions made;

•An immediate deduction of two (2) points and two (2) goals from those already accumulated by the club.

•Five (5) StarTimes Uganda Premier League home matches for SC Villa played in a closed stadium in a neutral territory outside the jurisdiction of
the FUFA Regional Football Associations of Kampala, Buganda and
Eastern and at a stadium already licensed for the 2022/3 StarTimes Uganda Premier League matches.

•A suspended deduction of two (2) points and two (2) goals for a period of 30 days within which SC Villa is to avail to the CDP the individual culprits
and all relevant details that orchestrated the hooliganism for onward
transmission to the match integrity committee for necessary action.

•Sanction no.3 above shall be retracted automatically should the club avail the culprits within the above stipulated time frame.
Failure for the club to
avail the said individual culprits, two (2) points and two (2) goals shall
automatically be deducted from those accumulated by the club.

•The club is directed to keep its fans in order as stated in Article
31(10)(f)(iii) above to stop putting the game into disrepute.

•SC Villa is further directed to undertake the Training of a minimum of 30 Safety & Security Stewards by the FUFA Human resource Capacity Building office at their own expense and avail a report to the committee by
31st January 2023 .The report shall be verified by the committee.

•Should the club fail to heed to the sanction above, the CDP shall be
constrained to take stringent disciplinary measures against it.

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