Kabuleta’s NEED party questions Government commitment on Ebola fight


In the past there has been selective application of presidential directives and SOP’s as advised by the health workers and ministry of health.

It should be recalled that during the COVID 19 lockdown in 2021, all open campaigns were prohibited and candidates were required to required to campaign scientifically.

The opposition at the time cried foul because the laws and presidential directives were being applied selectively as a section of the ruling NRM party members held open campaigns without any interference by the authorities.

On Monday during the party’s weekly press conference, the Party spokesperson Mr Matovu Moses questioned the governments commitment in the fight of the Ebola spread. He said there was unfairness in how the all situation has been handled.

“We all know that Mubende and Kasanda are under a lockdown to cab the Ebola spread and the president recently said that the disease already in Kampala and Wakiso and he urged the public to avoid gathering in numbers.”

“Surprisingly since the president addressed the nation, we have seen the first son Gen Muhoozi organizing large gathering of people over 6,000 and we are wondering if these people are resistant to Ebola.”

“We also saw music concerts with large numbers gathering without any intervation, some big corporate companies also held events with large gatherings and there was nothing done to stop all this”

Should we say that this was a deliberate ploy by government so that the disease spreads widely and they later put the country under a lockdown? Should we blame the organizers of the events or those that allowed them to hold the events??

On the other hand, there was a group that had gathered to remember those that lost lives in the November riots and police dispersed them with tear gas.

“As NEED, we say this is not fair, if we say we are fighting Ebola, all Ugandans should be treated the same, it’s not like some are immune to the disease and only a few are vulnerable. We believe we can fight this disease without oppressing a select few.” Concluded Matovu Moses.

The party members also paid tribute to the former DP president Paul Kawanga Ssemogere who died on 18 November 2022 with a minute of silence.

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