Shamim Malende’s family not happy about being sidelined by some party members

Bonita Nalule

Kampala woman member of parliament Shamim Malende was earlier this week rushed to the Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi after her condition had worsened while at Lubaga hospital where she had be admitted on November 13, 2022.

In Aga Khan hospital, Shamim underwent through an abdominal surgery and according to sources near her she was doing fine but was later rushed to the ICU after she complained of sever pain in her stomach.

Before Malende was transferred to Nairobi, her family members had complained about being sidelined and denied access to her while she was admitted at Rubaga hospital.

While appearing on YouTube channel Kasuku live, Shamim Malende’s elder brother Sematimba Ibrahim aka Kojja Kagato an actor and radio presenter said they are not happy as family members with the way some people from the party treated them.

“On Sunday we got the information that our sister had been admitted at Rubaga hospital and like any other family, a good number of us went there to check on her”

“When we got there they told us we are too many, we should wait outside. When her condition deteriorated most of her sisters where there at the hospital.”

“What annoyed me most was that Shamim’s mother was there at the hospital but she was sleeping in the corridor and instead Sebunya the boyfriend was the one next to the bed”

“It’s well known in our culture that the mother can not get close to her son in law but Sebunya deliberately denied the mother space to get close to her daughter Shamim”

“When they were discussing her being transferred to Nairobi, they said they are taking 5 people. Shamim, Sebunya, one social media manager, one photographer and lastly Lubaga North Councilor James Mubiru”

“No family member or relative was included, not even her mother. Mubiru even stoped my sister from entering to see Shamim can you imagine?”

We told them her mother and her sister should escort her but they did not listen to us. You can’t fly someone out of the country for treatment without the consent of family members.

In the end, they ‘smuggled’ her to Nairobi without her mother. It was after we made so much noise that they latter organized and put her on a bus and she joined them in Nairobi.

“Others may think I am talking just because she is a Member of Parliament but that’s not the case, even before she became Mp, she was my sister and I am her elder brother” said a furious Sematimba.

We wish Shamim Malende a quick recovery and hopefully the differences between the family and party members will be resolved amicably.

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