Majambere vows to attend Jakana Naduli’s Dua prepared for any eventuality

Nalule Bonita

Late last month on October 24 while attending the burial ceremony of Jakana Nadduli, NRM party supporter and activist a one Ivan Kamuntu aka Majambere got beaten to pulp by angry opposition mourners allegedly from the NUP party.

This allegedly followed an attempt by Majambere to block NUP party leaders from addressing the mourners. Majambere who survived with serious injuries was rushed to hospital but was also heard vowing to revenge for the injuries he got from the angry mob.

Appearing in an interview on YouTube channel Kasuku live this week, Majambere reiterated his words again and vowed to attend Jakana Nadduli’s Dua this time ready for any attack.

“I am still in pain and using clutches to walk but I have to attend the Dua if I am still alive, last time they caught me off guard, I wasn’t prepared but this time we shall see who is man enough”

Asked why he really had to go for the burial of Jakana well knowing there will be very many angry opposition people, he said Jakana was his close friend so he had to go for his burial.

“Me and Jakana where age mates, we grew up in the same area, from Kadunda to Kanyanda is about 3km, secondly Jakana’s father Haji Nadduli is also my friend and is our father so there is no way I couldn’t have come for his burial”

A week wouldn’t pass by without me and Jakana talking on phone, we were that close, so I went to bury a close friend.

“They claimed that I went there to provoke people power but if I had wanted to do that then why would I chose a funeral? Besides, why would I go there alone? I have my ‘soldiers’ who listen to me so I would have gone with them if I wanted to provoke them.”

Majambere also alleged that it is NUP members that are attacking police posts and stealing guns.

“They have guns, we are headed for tough times, you haven’t seen yet but these people are planning to overthrow Museveni’s government. I am saying it again, NUP are stealing guns, there you go I said it and I am very sober”

In some kind of contradiction, Majambere later said he was worried for his life because he receives life threatening messages and it’s on these grounds that he is seeking asylum.

“What I learnt from this is that I am not safe, it can’t be of surprise if you wake up one day and you hear that Majambere has been murdered. If Generals are attacked, what about a mere Majambere?”

“The reason I want to seek asylum is because I haven’t gotten Justice here, no one has been arrested but the police has all the details of those that attacked me”

Majambere concluded by saying that NUP is very dangerous and government should wake up and cub it before it’s too late.

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