Back to his senses? NRM’s Kisakyamuka Yiga apologizes for flashing buttocks to the public


NRM’s Kisakyamuka Yiga the man who shocked the country when he flushed his uncoordinated buttocks in a video that made rounds on social media has finally apologized for the act.

Yiga had apparently been angered by a section of the public that celebrated the death of General Elly Tumwine so he chose to make a video and attack everyone that came to his mind.

In an act of soberness and maturity, Kisakyamukama took to his social media platform and apologized for the lunatic act. He specifically apologized to the Buganda Kingdom and the Kabaka and he asked for forgiveness.

“I want to take this opportunity when I am alive to apologize to the Buganda Kingdom, the entire country, my parents and my friends.”

“The act of undressing and showing my buttocks wasn’t good, I understood my mistake but I ask for forgiveness. I am also a human being and I erred like any other person”

“This is not how I was raised, I made a mistake, I am willing to go apologize to the Kabaka because his name was included but that was never my intention plus others.”

Please forgive me, to all those that I angered with that act, please forgive me, I am human, I went overboard, that was a bad act and I am sorry. Said a clearly sober Kisakyamukama in the video.

They say, don’t drink and drive but well, we can as well add don’t drink and record videos or post on social media.

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