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Tamale Mirundi reveals his favourite artistes and songs

Man Jose Kayima

Political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi Senior has revealed his favourite artistes and songs.

Mirundi asserted how he enjoys David Lutalo, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Eddy Kenzo and Mesach Semakula music.

How also hailed Spice Diana and Ronald Mayinja despite the controversies surrounding their music careers

“(David) Lutalo, and (Eddy) Kenzo are my people. I used to love (Ronald) Mayinja as well but I stopped because of his indecisiveness. I also like (Geoffrey) Lutaaya and Mesach (Ssemakula). Mesach’s songs always have meaningful lyrics,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi on why he loves Gravity and Spice Diana songs

“When we go to the vulgar songs, I like Gravity Omutujju and Spice Diana but when a boy was allegedly murdered at her house, I lost love for her. I used to like her song Bajikona. It’s a good song,” he added.

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