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Men want sweetness from ladies not beauty. Full Figure

Man Jose Kayima

Jennifer Nakangubi alias Full Figure says that majority of men in the world want sweet ladies not just beauty.

According to Full Figure even a man will leave a beautiful lady and take then one who is more sweeter

“Men like sweet ladies not the beautiful ones. Sweet ladies get married with the so called beautiful ones looking on. Nothing beats sweetness even if you are beautiful and am sweeter than you I will have higher chances of getting married.”

Few of the so called beautiful ones have shown us their husbands because they don’t have them. They just use them and after they are dumped. In life never joke with a sweet lady.”

She added,

“Ladies should also start working to get enough money, men nowadays marry those who have some money.” If you have money and you are sweet then life will be easy for you.” Personally I am sweet and men fight for me.” Said Full Figure

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