UMA members want Dr Oledo to resign for kneeling before Museveni

Man Jose Kayima

Some members of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) want their president Dr Samuel Odong Oledo to resign after he led a group of some medical practitioners to kneel before President Museveni.

Oledo and group begged President Museveni to contest again in 2026.

“Your excellency, thank you. You have uplifted us (medical practitioners). We kneel before you after assessing that you are capable. We have assessed that you have the power. You have everything needed. Help us and contest again in 2026 and take us ahead as you secure our future. We want Uganda to reach where God expects it to be,” Dr Oledo stated as he knelt before Mr Museveni.

Dr Oledo’s deputy, Edith Nakku-Jolaba and the association’s secretary general, Herbert Luswata have slammed the act of kneeling

“UMA national executive had two separate meetings about the incident in which the UMA president was recorded in a clip making several statements at the NRM youth symposium at Kololo, alongside some medical students and nurses, persons who did not represent UMA NEC or UMA at that meeting. The UMA NEC agreed and would like to state that UMA is nonpartisan and therefore, does not participate in political activities of partisan nature.”

“The UMA respects, honours and is committed to service to its members and to the public as an association of professionals promulgated under the laws of the government of Uganda. The current UMA president attended the particular meeting in his personal capacity but not as UMA and his communications at the meeting were not representing the official position of UMA.” The act of kneeling by Dr Oledo and the team doesn’t represent Modus Operandi of the Association.”A statement signed by Nakku-Jolaba and Luswata reads in part.

Luswata added,

“The members are already calling for an extra-ordinary assembly so that they can cast a vote of no confidence. According to the constitution we have, NEC can initiate the meeting, however, the members can also write to me as secretary general asking for this extra ordinary assembly. I have not seen any other official documents from our members, apart phone calls and WhatsApp messages,” Dr Luswata said as quoted by Daily Monitor.

President Museveni has been in power since 1986 when he fought his way to State House.

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