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Akiiki Romeo explains why he never released a single music video for his songs

Bonita Nalule

Former capital Fm production executive and Kads band member Akiiki Romeo is one of those artists that ruled the fm airwaves with his classics hit songs such as No parking and Genda Mpora in the early 2000’s.

Together with other Kads band members such as Titie Tabel, Beenard Munyigwa, John Kahwa and Prossy Kankunda they gave other bands at the time a run for their money.

Akiiki Romeo and his Kads band had his first hit song titled Genda mpora that was produced in Kasiwukira studio by producer Steve Jean and Ken in the year 2000/1

That said, 2003 was arguably Akiiki Romeo’s best year when together with his band they won the Pearl of Africa Music Award (PAM awards) for Best live Band single, ‘NO PARKING’

Akiiki Romeo recently sat down for an interview on YouTube channel Extra Digest Mugobansonga and revealed that he has never made a single music video for any of his hit songs.

Asked how many videos he made for his very first solo album that had songs like Maltina, Kiki Eki Oroho, Tibingana, Garuka, and Leaving on charity, Akiiki revealed that he has never made a single video for any of his song.

“I have never done any single video in my life, I refused because a good song sells itself.”

“In future if I am to make a video, maybe I will use graphics, videos are just not my thing but maybe if I am under pressure then I will make them”

“You see, I grew up not making videos for my songs so I do not see the urge to make them now. We tried to shoot the video for Genda mpora but the person we used cheated us. He said everything got lost and that frustrated me so much with shooting of videos.”

The soft spoken Romeo first worked at Voice of Tooro as a presenter and programs manager from where he later went and worked in Mbarara before shifting to Capital radio as the production executive in 1999.

It’s while working at Capital fm that he got invited by the Kads band owner Mr William Kamukamu to join them in the band and the result was the many classics they released which to date are still relevant and enjoyed by partygoers.

Akiiki Romeo the MDD graduate from Makerere University took a hiatus from music and started doing consultancy work for media and communication organizations. He is currently doing advisory work in risk communication with some international organization.

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