“I don’t support the Muhoozi project and with a big No.” Former Vice President Bukenya

Man Jose Kayima

Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya has revealed that he does not support the Muhoozi Project.

Bukenya gave the reasons as to why is not for the project

“I don’t believe in the Muhoozi Project and with a big No. You don’t just come from the air and become a leader. I want to see you on merit, how you associate with the people. I want to hear your views for the poor people and this goes to all the youths who want to be leaders.”

On why he associates more with the youths than his age mates

“I am not a bar man and I don’t take a lot of alcohol but I like to enjoy and I want to see people dance that’s my life.” I want to associate with the young because it helps to keep my brain alert. I awakens my older ideas and give the youth ideas to make them grow.” Said Bukenya while appearing on Urban TV on Tuesday morning

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