Gen Sejusa, businessman fight over land in Kyankwanzi

Man Jose Kayima

Gen David Sejusa and businessman Tom Barigye are fighting over land located in Kyankwanzi District.

The retired bush war general and former coordinator of intelligence services says that in 2004 President Museveni allocated him 300 acres of land on Ranch Number 34.

Sejusa says that when he went to Kyankwanzi Sub County to trace his portion of land he discovered that Mr Barigye a cattle keeper in Kiboga had grabbed his land and annexed it to his 150 acres that was also allocated to him (Barigye) by the President.

The President directed that me and other army officers acquire land at Ranch 34 and indeed I got it, but since I was busy with other duties and I could not come back here, Barigye took advantage and grabbed it.”

“What I want now is the Military Land Board to come here and carry out boundary opening so that I can get my portion [of land] as directed by the President,” Gen.Sejusa said as quoted by Daily Monitor

Barigye also revealed that Sejusa knows well that he owns the land

“I also acquired 150 acres of land. I went ahead and bought more land from the local people and as I speak now I own 700 acres. It is not true that I grabbed Gen Sejusa’s piece of land as he claims.”

“Gen Sejusa knows very well that we went to the District Land Board and discovered that the said land is mine, I am surprised that he is now pushing for boundary opening starting from my farm.” Said Barigye

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