Hippopotamus swallows two year old boy, miraculously vomits him alive in Kasese

Man Jose Kayima

Over the weekend a two year old boy was swallowed by a hippopotamus that later vomited him alive.

This happened at Katwe-Kabatooro town council in Kasese district near Lake Katwe.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed that the two year old baby identified as Paul Yiga had been left unattended to by his parents.

“The two year old boy was swallowed by hippopotamus when the parents had left him unattended to. The hippo found the two year old playing and it swallowed him,” Enanga said.

He added,

“When people noticed, they started shouting and making all forms of noise as the hippo was finding its way back to the lake. On hearing the noise, the hippo miraculously vomited the boy.”

Enanga warned parents and other caretakers especially those living around game parks, sanctuaries, lakes and rivers to always be cautious

“Basing on this incident, if you look at the teeth of the hippo, anything could have happened to the child. This should be an eye opener to parents.”

The victim was later rushed to Bwera hospital for treatment and he later gained consciousness and currently fine.

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