MPs divided over motion to censure Namuganza as numbers surpass the required 3/5

Man Jose Kayima

The censure motion against state Minister for housing Persis Namuganza has left MPs divided as numbers surpass the required 3/5 of the 529 Members of Parliament.

Namuganza’s challenges started after the adhoc committee report investigating Nakawa-Naguru land implicating her for having illegally given away land to investors under the disguise of a presidential directive.

As of today there are 180 signatures over and above the 175 needed out of the 529 MPs and if the status score remains, this means Namuganza will be censured as a Minister.

Speaking to Kagina County MP Moses Walyomu and Butambala county MP Muwanga Kivumbi say the can’t waste their valuable time in facilitating personal conflicts of Namuganza and speaker Anita Among yet there are matters of National Importance that electorates demand to be addressed.

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