VIDEO: Isma Olaxes finally kisses his crush Maama Halima Namakula.


In April this year, this website reported how Halima Namakula was planning to end her single life by finally getting a partner.

She made her intentions known to the public while being interviewed by a section of the media.

After the Ekimbeewo singer made her intentions known, a number of men came out and showed interest in winning over her heart. These included musician King Micheal of the Muko Muko fame and blogger association president Isma Olaxes aka Jaaja Iculi.

Going by what happened over the weekend at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA’s) when Isma and Halima Namakula met at the red carpet, Isma could be on the right track.

The two shared a slightly intimate moment in which Isma kissed his crush Halima on the chic.

The love experts at Ugolemwa told yours truly that that gesture should not be taken lightly, it points to Isma Olaxes winning over Namakula’s heart.

Jaaja Iculi was later heard praising the 62 year old Namakula for being a very elegant and fashionable woman of class.

He also took time to assure his other competitor in Fresh Daddy that Halima was not her league and he should not even think of getting near her, something that Ashe also seemed to agree with.

Like we have always promised, this website will keep you posted on any new developments from this still young yet promising entanglement!!

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