Mudra D Viral explains meaning of hit song Balo Balo and it’s not what your dirty mind thought

Bonita Nalule

“Kuba eyo, gikube
Kuba eyo, gikube
Kuba eyo
Selector pull up
Omwana ki oyo azina?
Buttock buttock den ku kum (eeh)
Onyeenya okirako na bbomu (eeh)”

These are the lyrics in the intro of Mudra D Viral’s trending song Balo Balo.

Mudra has mastered the art of putting out danceable songs with an upbeat tempo. He came onto the scene three years ago during the COVID 19 pandemic but has since remained consistent.

Some of his ‘vira’ and trendy songs are Gwe Amanyi, Salawano and now the latest being Balo Balo.

Like many of his other songs, Balo Balo will force you off your seat onto the dancing floor and make you pull funny dance moves you may regret months after!!

The Martin Musoke aka Artin Pro produced song is currently ruling the airwaves and hang out night spots.

Speaking to Spark Tv during an interview, Mudra explained that Balo Balo is a music instrument from West Africa that is similar to a xylophone.

“Balo Balo I told you is an instrument from west Africa and looks like the xylophone. It’s made from bamboo tree parts that are joined together. When you play it, it produces sound. When I looked at it, I thought it would rhyme with my song so I sang about it to flow with my vibe.

A quick search on Mr Google showed us that indeed there is a music instrument called Balo. It’s at this point that we want to say, shame upon you all that had wild thoughts and wrong interpretations of the Balo Balo song. Wama Mudra kuba eyo, gikube kuba eyo, gikube…..Balo Balo……..!!!!

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