Museveni unbothered about his legacy

Man Jose Kayima

The President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says he is not bothered on how Ugandans will remember him.

Museveni told US-based Ugandan journalist, Bahati Remmy during an interview when he was at the US-AFIRCA leaders summit, that he doesn’t care about the legacy he will leave behind.

“For having worked with the NRM and with the people to save Uganda from being a failed state. A failed state where there is no business and insecurity is high. For example, there is chaos in many parts of the world but Uganda is stable. Well I don’t care about how Ugandans remember me but for me, I’m happy to fulfill that,”said Museveni.

Further, they questioned the President about his son’s recent remarks.

Muhoozi labeled some journalists as terrorists which is a threat to democracy. They asked if Muhoozi will face punitive action but he said that it’s true some journalists are. He pointed out an example of Al Qaeda-funded journalists.

Museveni also stated that he’s in power and running the government because of the people’s support which is done every after 5 years.

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