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I don’t know who Brian Mulondo is, King Saha

Bonita Nalule

The past week was dominated by remarks made by KFM radio presenter Brian Mulondo in which he claimed musician King Saha of the Zakayo fame gets to corporate functions and weddings when he is smelling ‘weed’

Mulondo made the remarks last Monday on the Morning show. The remarks by Mulondo later received mixed reactions from a number of Musicians and the public.

“Saha’s manager, please when he comes to do weddings and events, get him chewing gum, get Saha chewing gum, the ‘weed’ smells a lot you guys. Let’s be professional.”

“No one is telling you to stop smoking weed, but when you are going for a corporate gig or wedding you need to smell good.” Said Mulondo.

Asked for a response about Mulindo’s remarks directed to him, King Saha replied by saying he doesn’t know who Brian Mulondo is and hence he had no comment.

“I did not hear him, I don’t know him so maybe he doesn’t know who he was talking about. I am very busy in my garden, those that hate us will use propaganda to put us down but I am not shaken” replied Saha.

Naye Ssebo King Saha, you mean you don’t know this guy who used to do Mini bus simanyi Kyogeleko and also anchored the news ku NTV for sometime?? Banange Olemwa Naye kale.

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