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Mathias Walukagga explains why he and Bebe Cool don’t see eye to eye.

Bonita Nalule

On Boxing Day 26th December the Bebe Cool organized Tondeka Ekiwatule show returned after a forced break of about 3 years.

The event was graced by a number of top artists in the country that entertained the revelers at the Kiwatule Recreation grounds.

Notable among the absentees at Kiwatule was Mayor Kyengera Town council Mathias Walukaga the Bizibu family singer. Asked why he did not sing at the Tondeka Ekiwatule event organized by Bebe Cool, Walukaga said he can’t singer where he wasn’t advertised to sing.

“I did not sing at Kiwatule because I wasn’t advertised to sing there. Bebe Cool doesn’t feel me and I also don’t feel him. We are not friends from a long time”

“And when it came to politics and I chose the Magere camp in NUP the relationship worsened so it we just can’t work together”

We even support the same team Arsenal but we are not friends at all, he doesn’t say hi to me and I also don’t.

“There is a time we met at Mesach Semakula’s launch at Africana, he came saying his to every one but when he saw me, he pretended like he was on phone and left without saying hello to me” so we don’t connect and that’s it. Said Walukaga.

Meanwhile Walukaga recently released a new song titled Hani Hani in which he sing the chorus in English, yes English and one thing I can say is that, Mayor Walukaga, we shall never forgive you for that chorus!!! Nedda Nedda banage.

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