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A look at the top 10 songs of 2022 from the Banana republic

Bonita Nalule

The year 2022 that ends today midnight is the year that the entertainment industry was fully opened for artists to perform after a period of two years in which the Covid pandemic turned the world upside down.

At the end of every year a number of radio stations, tv stations, newspapers, websites mention it, put out the top songs that ruled the airwaves and streaming platforms.

In this particular piece we are going to look at the top 10 local songs of 2022 as viewed by Ugolemwa.

Before we go into it, here are some dynamics that were considered in coming up with this particular list. We looked at how a song performed online in terms of downloads, views and streams. We then also looked at how the same songs performed on the airwaves of radio and Tv.

How each song fared in each of those aspects greatly helped to come up with the list of the top 10 songs. Here we go,

Honorable mentions of songs that did well but missed out on the top 10

Kabisi ka Ndagala by David Lutalo, Nsimbude by Eddy Kenzo, Nkwata Bulungi by Sheebah, Obulungi bunuma by B2C, Omega by An Known and lastly Ndibulungi by Vyroota and finally Nsika by King Michael

10. Zakayo by King Saha.

Just when we thought the days of beef songs were a thing of the past, Saha disproved us by putting out this song which is a dig at his nemesis Bebe Cool. Zakayo’s strength has been in the happening places because of its easy to sing along chorus. It did not do very well on the airwaves but was strong enough to make top 10.

9. Malaika by Winnie Nwagi

The fire baby Nwagi held her maiden concert this year which turned out to be arguably the concert of the year. Malaika is another of many good songs. It has a danceable beat that will force you off your seat. The video directed by Zyga Phix is equally good and the song has done really good on the airwaves playing on over 100 stations in 3 different countries as per SongBoost app.

8. Bamututte by Azawi

Another big one outta Swangz Avenue. Off her African Music Album, Bamututte is a very soothing song accompanied by a very catchy video directed by Benon Mugumbya. Few videos have a clear story line in them and this is one of the few.

7. Balo Balo by Mudra d Viral

If the Dj plays Balo Balo and you remain seated, see a doctor. Mudra has mastered the art of putting out what are known as club bangers. The lyrics to his songs are those that will also leave you smiling. Onyenya okilako na Bomu…….

6. Follow by John Blaq

This is one that was very easy to forget to put on the list because it came out at the very beginning of the year and ruled the happening places for months. It’s a typical John Blaq song if you know what I mean. Not very rich lyrics but well crafted.

5. Oliwa by Carol Nantongo

She has given Rema Namakula a run for her money with this love song. In fact this particular one kept Rena’s Wandisa ki out of the top 10. The Nessim produced song is one that you will see being played at weddings for years to come.

4. Picha by Pinky ft Grenade

One of the most played songs on the airwaves. Arguably the biggest song out of the TNS camp after the exit of Sheeba. TNS had really struggled to find new recruit Pinky a real hit song until she collaborated on Picha with Grenade official and thy got the much needed hit song.

3. Ayi by Mudra ft Sheebah

Another song from Mudra on the list. This young man will go places if he remains focused. He features the Queen Karma on this one. Mudra shows his versatility on Ayi, but can actually sing other than the rapping we have known him for.

2. Siri Regular by Spice Diana

Another beautiful song by Spice Diana again written by Nince Henry. Rich in lyrics and it has Nince Henry written all over it, even without being told who penned it, it can only be Nince Henry. On top of being a well produced audio, the video shot by Swangz Avenue is another one with a story and good visuals for optical nutrition. Siri regular has been very regular on the airwaves since it’s release on top of being one of the most streamed and downloaded song this year.

1. Forever by Jose Chameleone

Technically it’s not even supposed to be on the list as it was released at the end 2021. The song gained momentum after a few months into 2022 and went on to dominate the airwaves as one of the most requested songs on radio and Tv stations ending the year as the biggest song. Chameleon is the master of Hit songs, he was meant to put out an Album around the same time Azawi’s African Music came out on October of 2021 but he put off the Album release after realizing Forever would take him for a year or so in the industry. The Yaledi produced song is another Chameleone classic that will be enjoyed even years after just like many of his other songs. Sasha Vybez also did justice to the video, he gave it a vintage outlook and everything from the lighting and color was on point.

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