Senior Police officer killed by new year’s day fireworks explosion

Man Jose Kayima

Police officer has died due to high blood pressure after being rushed to hospital following Saturday night fireworks to welcome the new year in Kampala.

Superintendent, Daniel Mugisa a regional criminal investigations officer for greater Bushenyi was taken to Nsambya hospital after suffering an attack which was caused by fireworks displays and explosions around the city.

According to sources Mugisa developed blood pressure after the fireworks explosions went off and was rushed to Nsambya hospital and at around 2am, before he was pronounced dead.

The Uganda Police is yet to release a statement on the death of Mugisa.

Police had earlier confirmed that a total of 1597 sites had been cleared to display fireworks on New Year’s day Eve.

Police also stated that they expected major displays of fireworks at selected venues. The displays include; a string of firecrackers, close proximity and special events fireworks. Only contractors licensed under Explosive Act, were allowed to display fireworks following standard fireworks displays. These include; Fire works 7000, M/S Sky Flames {U] Ltd, M/S Quality Lighting [U} Ltd, M/S Extremes Events {U} Ltd, M/S Tomil Fireworks {U} Limited, M/S Goshen Africa{U} Ltd, M/S Light Africa {U} Ltd and Fesco Ltd who have been granted on the night of 31/12/2022 to 01/01/2023.

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