Museveni on why he was taken to court because of playing football

Man Jose Kayima

President Yoweri Museveni revealed during his new year address that he lost a court case because of playing football in 1956.

According to Museveni when he was playing football, the cattle he was herding descended to someone’s millet garden.

“The only time, I entered a Court of Law, was in 1956, when, being attracted by a game of football, I joined the other boys to enjoy the sport (because I was a good footballer), only to discover that the cattle I was herding had descended on a Mwananchi’s luscious millet garden.Running at full speed, I tried to save whatever was remaining of the millet. It was, however, too late. I had committed the offence of okwonesa. From a layman’s understanding, it means one’s livestock eating the crop of another citizen.”

“This temporary attraction to village football qualified me to appear before the Parish Court at Kikoni, under a mutooma tree omutuba ficus nantelensis in Mzee Katojo’s rutookye (banana plantation).I was, then, coached, I do not remember by who, to say: “omushaango ningwikyiriiza.”

“I plead guilty to the charge and that by so doing, it will be better for everybody. I think Mzee Kaguta had to pay the millet owner some enkaitsi (compensation).” Said Museveni

In his new year address, Museveni also stated that you can’t be doing sports and say you are working.

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