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Events Promoter Abitex released on Police Bond

Man Jose Kayima

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has secured the release of events promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abitex on Police Bond this morning following engagement with Kampala metropolitan police commander at CPS.

The arrest of Abitex followed the death of 10 people in a stampede at Freedom City mall as revellers thronged a single exit to watch a midnight fireworks show.

The Lord Mayor said that he deeply commiserate with relatives and friends of the deceased; however, culpability for the incident should not be selectively apportioned.

Putting the incident in perspective, he said that on the fateful day, there were two events in the premises: a music concert managed by Abitex and New year fireworks display by the building management.

The revellers moved in to the concert without any incident; however, the stampede occurred during the fireworks display outside the concert space largely due to the building management having locked the other access and egress points of the building.

Lukwago also said that Police and Private security guards who have expertise in crowd control were contracted to secure the event and should as well be held culpable, as such rearresting Abitex on rumors that he intend to flee the Country having been earlier released on Police bond is uncalled for.

He added that the building owner Sebalamu and Police Commandant at the event, should all be brought to account for the unfortunate occurrence, further adding that such incidents are bound to happen in future if no precautions are undertaken giving an example of Nakivubo stadium as an accident waiting happen, the stadium having been surrounded by shopping mall, increasing the risk of a stampede incase of crowd disturbance and need for emergency evacuation.

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