FUFA officials survive being beaten by angry West Nile fans over Drum gate collection

Man Jose Kayima

FUFA officials survives being beaten by rowdy West Nile over FUFA Drum Final gate collection on Saturday.

Angry West Nile fans wanted to storm Hill Top Hotel on Sunday morning where FUFA officials had stayed for a night.

The fans wanted to beat up the FUFA officials for allegedly taking the lion share gate collection during the FUFA Drum first leg encounter at Greenlight Stadium on Saturday.

The Federation officials signed 50% share and 15% fee of the Shs40M that was collected on Saturday.

The matter was settle after meeting that was convened in which the FUFA officials labored to explain to the angry fans.

FUFA competitions Director and FUFA Drum Secretary Hajjati Aisha Nalule clarified on the matter

“For us it has all been about the implementation of the regulations because the same article we are talking about has been in place. We have the gross and from the gross, tax is deducted, leaving the net collection. It is from the net collection that FUFA shares 50 per cent and this is where a point of argument was coming from,” Nalule said.

“But having shown them the regulations, they accepted that for sure it has been an oversight on their side. I think it is just because they didn’t read the FUFA rules and regulations. Like I have said, the regulations have been in place for a very long time,” Nalule Said as quoted by West Nile Prime News website.

West Nile province fans’ Spokesperson Yusuf Andabati apologized on behalf of the fans for the incident

“Yes, the fans were angry because they gave up their all to be able to raise the gate collection. Like in semifinals, quarterfinals and the rest of the games of the FUFA Drum, the gate collection goes to the region where the fund collected is used to cater for the players because we do know our clubs in this region and also the clubs where our players play are not paying the players as it ought to be. So, for us as fans, we look at this gate collection as a way of appreciating our players,” Andabati also told West Nile Prime News website

He added,

“But we as fans were very angry because we realized that FUFA was actually taking the lion share of the gate collection. That actually angered us and so we went there with a lot of anger but not to have any physical fight but to have a source of ideas to be able to tell FUFA that yes you are the monopoly of football but sometimes you can lack ideas. Some of us who support the game, we may have brilliant ideas that can even change the game better than you people who are in those offices.” Added Andabati

Meanwhile, West Nile beat Lango 2-0 in the first leg encounter, thanks to goals from Toha Rashid and Fred Amaku

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