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VIDEO: King Saha reveals who influenced him to start using drugs, it’s getting interesting

Bonita Nalule

The bickering between musicians Bebe cool and King Saha is not about to end soon from the look of things.

The year 2022 saw King Saha ride on his Zakayo song which is a direct attack on his nemesis Bebe cool. He put out some other good songs but Zakayo is what kept him relevant in the industry for obvious reasons.

At one point the other parties joined the bickering notable among these, Allan Hendrik aka Paper dady Bebe cool’s son who released a song Matayo in response to Saha’s Zakayo.

At the start of 2023, Bebe cool like he does every year put out his controversial Bebe cool list in which he highlights artists he thinks have done well in the previous year.

Interestingly, the Bebe cool list included King Saha with his Zakayo song. Saha and his Zakayo making the list is not what made the news but rather the dissection of the artist that followed it.

Bebe cool said, the only reason Saha’s Zakayo got airplay was because it was attacking a fellow artist who is Big in the industry. He then again insisted that Saha was abusing drugs and that it was affecting his would be good career.

Coincidentally, King Saha had been admitted with a yet unknown illness which Bebe Cool alleged was a result of abuse of drugs like he has always said about King Saha.

“Sad but true, the year ends on a sad note where this young man is admitted in hospital because of the same reasons that I always talk about” wrote Bebe cool

Now in a twist of events, King Saha has come out to allege that Bebe Cool uses drugs and Mayirungi and that it’s him that actually taught him the use of drugs.

“Bebe Cool uses drugs, he eats mayirungi, it’s me that has said it. He uses every intoxication you know of. It’s them that taught us and for us we even stoped using them” said King Saha on in an Interview by NBS’s Kayz that run on YouTube channel Kasuku live.


The biri biri singer is currently at his home still undergoing treatment and recovering from his illness which he said was a result of fatigue.

He was advised by the doctors to rest for two weeks. He thanked all his fellow musicians like Chameleon, Sheebah, Gravity omutuju, Fefe Busi and others for standing with him.

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