US couple to renovate Kamuli School

Man Jose Kayima

An American couple of John and Rebecca Giebink have committed to renovating crowded Kamuli Primary school.

In 2017, Mr Giebink discovered the school during a pastoral visit and immediately started a feeding programme for the children, constructed a kitchen with meals.

During the concluded festive season,
he supported the establishment of a resource centre, computer link way hub, and skills education by donating three computers, a projector, and Wi-Fi fully paid up.

Mr Joseph Musoke, the Kamuli Municipal Education Officer, said thr renovation works come at the right time ahead of the reopening of schools next month.

“Frankly, we lack funds to renovate the school due to budget cuts and priorities, but by God’s providence, Mr Giebink has come to cover 90 percent of what the school renovation entails. It is a challenge that merits credit,” Musoke said as quoted by Daily Monitor

American couple of John and Rebecca Giebink (Photo by Daily Monitor)

Kamuli Township Primary School was started in 1938 to accommodate children of Ugandans of Indian descent but was taken over by the government in 1972 following the expulsion of Asians.

The Universal Primary Education (UPE) School has about 3,213 pupils.

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