Ugandan Pastor rapes Latvian tourist, he wanted to keep her warm

Man Jose Kayima

Uganda Pastor identified as Joseph Collins Twahirwa who ministers with Epikaizo Ministries international allegedly raped a Latvian tourist Anda.

According to Anda, she was convinced by Twahirwa to come for holidays in Uganda via social media.

Anda says that she saved her money so that she could come to Uganda and spend around 35 days.

She touched down at Entebbe Airport on December 11th, 2022.

“Daddy Collins (Pastor Joseph Twahirwa)told me if I want to come to Africa, I should come to Uganda so that we pray. I agreed to come to Uganda.”

“I worked hard for one year to come here. I would wake up at 5am [and] go [to] work. When I finished that, somewhere I was cooking. I could also go to clean the houses, and on weekends I go to work in the bar. It was like one year without resting on weekends,” Anda said as quoted by Daily Monitor

On her arrival, Anda who had to stay at Airbnb in Makindye, a suburb in Kampala for accommodation, revealed that she was taken to the Pastor’s residence by his employees instead

“I thought he was taking me to my house.” He took me to the house of Daddy Collins (Mr Twahirwa) without my [permission].”

They welcomed me in the house and they took my bag, saying: ‘This is where you will stay.’ But I ask, ‘why should I stay here yet I have my house.” She adds

On how she was raped

“I heard Daddy Collins knocking and telling me to open the door. But I couldn’t open it because I was in the shower. He opened the door and he told me he wanted to keep “warm”. He pushed me to the bed,” she says.

“He said he wanted to have a baby. He pushed me onto the bed and raped me,” Said the Latvian.

What Pastor Twahirwa says,

“I can’t comment because the matter is still under investigation,” he said as quoted by Daily Monitor.

Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

Twahirwa’s church is found in the leafy Kampala suburb of Bugolobi.

Anda also alleges that the Pastor robbed her she came to Uganda with her credit cards and $300 (Shs1.1m) and €400 (Shs1.8m) in hard cash. She says before Mr Twahirwa raped her, she had handed over her hard cash to him after he offered to help her exchange it to Ugandan Shillings.

She has a Roman Catholic background since her parents, who stay in the Latvian capital Riga, are Roman Catholics. She is a single mother with one child.

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