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Video: Former MP turns into a butcher, curses voters

Man Jose Kayima

Former Lubaga South Member of Parliament Hon Kato Lubwama has turned into a butcher.

According to Kato, the government has spoilt every job including the entertainment sector that nurtured him

“Leave me with my problems, the government has spoilt everything. In Drama where I used to get money, the government is not interested and ever since Bobi Wine entered into politics things changed in the entertainment sector. We cannot do drama and sing, now we have to pay taxes to URA.” I have now turned into a butcher, I am looking for profits. At my place a kilo is for Shs16000 but what hurts me is that I can only sell two kilos a day, that’s how bad this country is at a moment.”

I had started selling firewood but again NEMA is also another problem, they refused us from cutting trees.”

He cursed all the voters who eat his money as he was soliciting for votes

“The votes stole my money, mostly the Boda Boda guys. Lubaga people are stupid, I am no longer your legislator but you always beg money from me.” We are all suffering, let me wait for those fools to ask for help from me.” Said Kato via Noise Media

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