Gen Saleh has zero credibility to accuse Lukwago, I can’t listen to his accusations – Kabuleta


Earlier this month, mainstream media and social media were awash with news of a chit allegedly from Gen Salim Saleh to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The chit accused the Lord Mayor of being one of the people who are beneficiaries of General Salem’s aid. The said aid was to be withdrawn unless the Lord Mayor apologized to the General.

When asked for a comment on the alleged entanglement between the Lord Mayor and Gen Saleh at the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue press conference on Monday, Kabuleta said he wouldn’t listen to anything that Gen Saleh says because he has zero credibility.

“First of all I want to say this, I saw that chit apparently from Gen Saleh accusing Lukwago of being one of the beneficiaries of his aid and I am so shocked it has taken on a life of its own because from where I stand, Saleh is a person who has absolutely zero credibility, I wouldn’t even trust him to walk my dog.”

“This is somebody who has his hand in every jar, copper in Kasese, Saleh is there, Marijuana in Bulambuli, Saleh is there, Gold, Saleh is there, coffee, Saleh is there. Now why would I listen to Saleh accusing Lukwago? Would I be Mad? Saleh is a man who has zero credibility as far as I am concerned.”

“He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this country and now he is trying to impose his nephew on Uganda and the problem is we give these people the ability to destroy people’s reputations by just associating themselves with them”

“We should make sure that we don’t give thsese people the ability to discredit all opposition people, why would we believe them?, because if that is the case, then they will discredit everyone and then next thing you are left with no option but Muhoozi, you are falling into a trap.”

“For me I will judge Lukwago by what I see and what I see is a man who is fighting for the rights of people who are downtrodden that’s what I know, that’s what I see.”

“Now, if he is accused by somebody who has any credibility maybe I might be convinced to look into the accusations but as long as the person accusing is Saleh, I will not believe him over someone who has stood out to fight for rights of people who have been trampled on?”

“Me I will stand with what I have seen and what I have experienced, he has been there, stood out for people who are oppressed, he has fought his wars so we shall go with what we see”

Kabuleta concluded by saying there are many people in the opposition that will not take bribes but if the public believes the lies told by people in the ruling government then they would be falling into their trap because at one point everyone in opposition will be accused.

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