Neither Rwabogo nor Muhoozi will be the next president – Kabuleta


Appearing for the first time this year and also the first time since his arrest last year on the 28th of November, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue party president Joseph Kabuleta was back throwing jabs like never before.

The former presidential candidate was arrested, charged and remanded for sectarianism last year before being granted bail.

While addressing the media at the NEED weekly presser, Kabuleta categorically said neither Maj Muhoozi Kainerugaba the first son nor Odrek Rwabogo the son in law to the president will be Uganda’s next president.

“Part of president Museveni’s plan for putting his son in power has been to destroy all other alternatives so that when the time comes, there is only one alternative everybody seems to think it is inevitable that his son is going to be president”

“I see some people who were put in that Muhoozi army who I know don’t like him, they despise him, some of them don’t think anything of him but they are there because they have created an aura of inevitability.”

“Anybody who is on that Muhoozi army hates Uganda, you want to bury the country because how do you think such a person can be president? He doesn’t have the temperament, he has nothing, the only thing he has is his father’s genes going through his blood”

“If you hate Uganda so much, go and join Muhoozi army or Odrek Rwabogo for that matter. You see these people think it’s going to be decided up there, and the 40 plus million Ugandans, for you nobody cares about your opinion, it is not.”

“Take it from me, there is not going to be a Muhoozi presidency and there is never going to be a Odrek Rwabogo presidency. The president of this country after we get rid of this dicatator is going to be somebody whom the people chose, not who these people that seat up there.”

“They are now dividing themselves, some are in this camp, some are in the other camp, none of those camps is going to be president”

Kabuleta likened people in the Muhoozi army to the dancing Ghanaian casket holders that were trending on social media during the Covid lockdown.

“Mwenda and Gashumba are the people dancing and leading people going to bury Uganda”

“But then Uganda is going to be here and Muhoozi is not going to be president, you can take that to the bank by the way I am telling you.”

Muhoozi army? Let him go on with his delusion, now I know he can send his goons here and they capture it’s okay but he is not going to be president neither is Rwabogo, neither is anyone from the first family, we are not fools, we are not cows to be herded . Concluded a furious Kabuleta.

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