I don’t want to comment about Janet Museveni because you will stop me. MP Ssemujju to Speaker Among

Man Jose Kayima

Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has told the Speaker Anita Annet Among that he won’t comment about the Minister for Education and Sports Janet Museveni.

According to Ssemujju if he makes a comment about the first Lady he will be stopped by the Speaker.

Speaker Anita Among: “We vetted Ministers including Mama Janet, we vetted her.”

MP Ssemujju: “I don’t want to comment about her because you will stop me. After getting her on Zoom, she has never appeared again.” Said Ssemujju

The Speaker Among also asked Ssemujju if he wanted President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to run the country with his wife or children.

This was after Hon. Ssemujju had asked who runs the Ugandan government.

“Is this government run by President Museveni, his brother and children? Ssemujju

Speaker Anita Among:

“Hon Ssemujju, you wanted the President to run this country with you or with who? Your wife or children?.

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