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Pork eaters attack Gravity for abusing Bajjo their meat

Man Jose Kayima

Pork eaters led by Suuna Ben have attacked musician Gravity for branding promoter Bajjo their meat.

According to Suuna Ben, it’s a crime for anyone to abuse a fellow person something which look good like a pig

“Gravity is my musician and I play his music, but he had to chose other words to abuse Bajjo. He should know that the pig is so wonderful, if he has never had a chance of eating it then he should ask us the eaters. At least Frank abused someone Kony but above all we are annoyed.”

He added,

“If the pig was that bad, Noah couldn’t have allowed it enter the ark.” As the eaters, we now love Bajjo more since Pork is so special on this planet.” Said Suuna Ben

Gravity was attacking promoter Bajjo over the price tags.

Ugandans are the biggest pork consumers in Africa.

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