Bobi Wine criticizes Speaker Among for mobilizing MPs over Namuganza Censure motion

Man Jose Kayima

National Unity Platform Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has criticized the Parliament for being at full capacity whenever debating disciplinary actions against Speaker Anita Annet Among’s critics.

Bobi Wine says that legislators don’t attend in big numbers when debating important national issues

“You might have noticed by now that whenever Parliament is debating ‘disciplinary’ action against Madam Anita Among’s critics, the House is usually full to capacity. Look out for similar attendance when it’s debating important national issues and you will find the MPs ‘busy’ elsewhere. Trust Among to mobilise and raise a mob whenever she wants some mob justice done to her ‘enemies’!

He added,

“Someone please ask her to work on her self esteem and cease persecuting MPs who disagree with her. A person in her position is expected to have a thick skin, otherwise if she can’t stand the heat, she better get out of that kitchen.” Bobi Wine wrote on his social media platforms.

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