Uganda Human rights Commission are absolutely useless – Kabuleta

Bonita Nakalule

Last week the Uganda Human Rights Commission came out with a report of their investigation in the NUP missing supporters.

The UHRC chairperson came out to accuse the NUP political party of politicking using non existent abductions as a political mobilization tool to gain sympathy and relevance from the public.

Asked to comment on what the UHRC chairperson Miriam Wagadya said about the missing NUP supporters, Mr Joseph Kabuleta said that Uganda Human Rights Commission was absolutely useless.

“First of all they (UHRC) get a lot of money from government, secondly the only human right they know is homosexuality, you touch a homosexual and see how Uganda Human Rights Commission are going to jump up, that’s the only human right they know so they are absolutely useless”

“I heard the chairperson speaking the other day and saying we are just politicking, I mean this is politics, when somebody says you are politicking, all our lives is politics, economy is politics, abuse of human rights is politics”

“Now what does that person have to say about people who have been in prison for close to two years yet the law says if they have not been charged in 30 days, they should be granted automatic bail, that’s what the law says.”

“The NUP supporters are not the ones who came up with the law, the law is there, so they are entitled to be treated fairly according to that law.”

This is why we went to the high court saying high court should impose it on the court martial that these people should be set free according to the laws of this country, if we have become a lawless state let that also be known concluded Kabuleta.

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