97,109 candidates fail 2022 PLE Exams

Man Jose Kayima

The Uganda National Exams Board (UNEB) has confirmed that over 97,109 candidates failed 2022 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

The exams body however stated that the general performance was better as compared to candidates who sat for the 2020 examinations.

The results were released on Friday afternoon at the State Lodge in Nakasero,

The executive director of Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) Mr Daniel Odong said that a total of 811,810 sat for the examinations out of the 832,654 who registered.

114,617 passed in first grade, 357,799 passed in grade two, 146,583 in third grade and 95,702 passed in fourth grade while 97,109 were not graded.

According to UNEB, a total of 714,702 out of 811,810 who sat for the universal examinations have passed the examinations and can proceed to post primary education.

Over 97,109 students were ungraded and are expected to repeat primary seven since they have not been graded.

However, according to Odongo more pupils qualified to join the post primary institutions than previous years.

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