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VIDEO: Dembe Fm’s Kasuku takes HIV test on camera, only uploads video after results come out negative

Bonita Nakalule

Last week, Dembe fm’s presenter and journalist Isaac Daniel Katende aka Kasuku on his YouTube channel Kasuku live did the somewhat unthinkable when he took the HIV test on camera.

In the past we have heard of stories of people not being brave enough to wait for their results after the testing.

Others have even claimed that the only queue that is followed to the dot is the HIV testing queue no body ever jumps the queue . People are extremely patient when lining up to have their HIV status checked.

For Kasuku’s part, he tried to emulate Prince Harry who took the HIV test live on camera in 2016 to encourage Britons test and know their status.


Difference was that the motormouth Kasuku only uploaded the video after his results returned negative. That said, it was still a good gesture and it’s important that everyone tests to know their status.

Do you know your status? Get tested and stay safe always, the ABC of Abstaining, Being faithful and use of Condoms also should still be preached.

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