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Drama as Mowzey Radio’s mum says she was brought a 28 year old grandson!!

Bonita Nakalule

Yesterday 1st February 2023 marked 5 years since the passing on of one of the most talented musician of his generation Mowzey Radio aka Moses Nakintuje Ssekibogo.

Like it’s been the norm since his death, every 1st February all roads lead to Radio’s resting place in Kaga Nakawuka to remember the fallen star and this year it was not any different.

A number of musicians, media personalities, family members and friends all converged in Kaga to remember and also pray for the late Radio.

When the time for speeches came, laughter engulfed the congregation when Radio’s mum Kasuubo Jane said she was brought a 28 year old grandson allegedly fathered by Radio who died at the age of 33.

“When I question some of these people, they will say that Radio’s mum is sending away her grand children but let’s be realistic, could Rado have fathered a 28 year old son?”

“If they brought you a 2 year old child right now, would you welcome that child as your grand child?

“Someone brought a child to me and I told her that this child can’t be for Radio, the child’s nose is too wide, she went back and looked for a Rwandan child with a sharp nose who she brought to me”

“One day we are going to take all these children for DNA tests but it will be very shameful for the tests to show that some of these are not Radio’s children”

Applying primary 4 mathematics would mean that Mowzey Radio who died at the age of 33 fathered the now alleged 28 year old grandson at the age of 10!!! Isn’t God a wonderful God?!!

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