Bobi Wine on why he is likely not to stand again for Presidency

Man Jose Kayima

National Unity Platform Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has revealed the reasons as to why he is likely not to stand again for Presidency.

According to Bobi Wine the current political environment is not favourable and for him to stand again it will require something special.

“I won’t stand again for Presidency if things stay like they are lately. Unless if there’s something special does happen.
Ugandans know that It’s Museveni who appoints the Electoral commission chairman, chief justice and army officers.”

“Museveni gives directions to Byabakama on what he should do with the election results and thereafter tells Owinyi Dollo (Chief justice) to deny evidence regarding election results in court.”

Bobi Wine however says he knew what was going to happen during the 2021 general elections but is pleased that they managed to undress President Museveni and changed many Ugandans

“I told Ugandans that we are heading into an election but I don’t expect Byabakama to declare us since he was the prosecutor in Dr.Kizza Besigye alleged rape case.”

“He denied me from holding campaigns in Buganda Region and other regions. But we managed to wake many Ugandans during that period and undressed Museveni. He now fights with the likes of Eddie Mutwe, Dan Magic, Bobi Young, Boda Boda guys and rastafarians such as Nubian Li not those we call political intellectuals.” So we changed people’s perception about politics.”

“We showed the international community that they deal with a crime and so they are also criminals. Museveni is a colonialist and has sold off everything in the country.” Bobi Wine said while addressing the nation on Pearl FM

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