Government has no capacity to protect those working in Middle East, you are on your own – Minister Okello Oryem

Bonita Nakalule

One of the most persistent problem that faces youth in the country is unemployment and because of this, the country has for years now seen an influx of youth to the Middle East in hunt for greener pastures.

Every week there is a bunch of desperate girls leaving the country despite of the numerous complaints that come from those that went there before them.

There is talk of mistreatment, torture, lack of payment, in some cases even loss of lives but non of this has stopped the migration.

Speaking to Solomon Serwanja on his YouTube channel African Institute of Investigative Journalism State Minister for foreign Affairs Henry Oryem Okello said there is little the government can do about those that go to Middle East countries and get problems.

“Why do they keep going? The government can not protect them in the homes they go to serve that’s why they should not go in the first place”

“There is a lot of opportunity in Uganda if you do look for, this Uganda is gifted with miles and miles of land which everybody can tilt and miles and miles of land for people to farm and so many other opportunities to look for”

“The only solution to unemployment in Uganda is not Saudi Arabia and if the girls know that there is danger why do they go there? Do they have to?”

“The embassy can only offer counselor services not protection to people, who said embassies protect people?”

“My advice to anyone who wants to go to the Middle East is not to go, stay home because the expectations are too high as to what the Ugandan government can do and it doesn’t have the capacity.”

“Your expectations are that if you get into problems we will jump into action, a SWAT team will come and pick you up and buy you a business class ticket to bring you home, it will not happen.”

You know the stories, you have heard what can happen, my advice to every girl is stay home other than taking the risk. Said Hon Okello Oryem.

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