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Photos: Yes its me Kony you hate for bonking your daughter. Rickman meets Gashumba

Man Jose Kayima

Last month, entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Gashumba attacked his daughter Sheilah Gashumba over her relationship with Rickman Manrick.

In a 10 minutes long audio, Gashumba who seemed to be in pain over the life choices of his daughter.

He went on to attack her for choosing Rickman Manrick as her lover whom he dubbed as Kony.

Singer Rickman Manrick also revealed that his possible father in law Frank Gashumba is jealousy of his car.

The two met over the weekend at Sheilah’s Spot but Gashumba’s reaction summed it up.

Gashumba seemed to have too much hate over Rickman Manrick.

However, Rickman Manrick went on to give his lover Sheilah Gashumba a kiss of life despite the misunderstandings he has with the father in law.

A kiss of life (Photo/Courtesy)

Sheilah and Rickman Manrick have been on a vacation abroad enjoying each other.

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