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Evelyn Lagu reveals the sickness eating her up, says those that falsely declared her dead wanted ‘likes’

Bonita Nakalule

Musician and actor Evelyn Lagu who has been battling with an unknown sickness for years now was recently rumored dead but thankfully the rumors came out to be wrong.

What we now know though is that she is indeed still battling with a number of complications that she came out to clarify on to all those that had been wondering what exactly she was suffering from.

It should be recalled that about a year ago Evelyn was diagnosed with heart complications and their was a campaign to help raise funds for her treatment abroad.

Funds were raised and she managed to go to Turkey for treatment although the treatment was cut shot because the funds were not enough so she ended up returning home before fully recovering.

The clearly frail looking Evelyn recently revealed that new diagnosis showed that kidney sickness was the root cause of all her issues.

“At first they found out that it was the heart, but they later discovered that it was the Kidneys that had affected the other organs, the heart and the lungs.”

“I was supposed to be operated on but the doctors couldn’t do it because my immunity couldn’t stand the operation. It was decided that I will have to stay on dialysis for the rest of my life”

“The challenge with dialysis is that it is expensive and at first I was doing it thrice a week but currently it’s only two times a week. Every session on dialysis costs 200k so that means 400k a week”

“I call upon the government to reduce on these costs nexuses it’s very expensive and yet Kidney sicknesses are now on the rise. Just like AIDS and TB victims are helped, we should also be helped to subsidize the cost of dialysis.” Said Evelyn on YouTube channel Kasuku live.

She called out to the public for any kind of help they can offer her.

“When people help me, I also help other people with the same sickness who don’t have a voice like I do, they always ask me for some help but sometimes I am also not in position to help them, so when you help, you are not only helping Evelyn”

Anyone that is touched by Evelyn’s condition and would love to give a helping hand can reach her directly on her mobile numbers 0776424237 and 0753424237.

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