Fan banned for attacking player on pitch

Man Jose Kayima

The Uganda Rugby Union has banned a fan who forced his way past security to attack Stanbic Black Pirates player Desire Ayera during their Nile Special Premier League game over a week ago in Jinja, Pirates beat Hippos 17-8.

During the game, a fan identified as Timothy Kitamirike stormed the pitch to assault Ayera.

In that period, Hippos player Gracious Makita had been involved in an altercation with Ayera before Kitamirike rushed through to join the scuffle.

URU investigated the separate incidents and found no grounds to punish the players Ayera and Makita but were convinced that Hippos were accountable for the action of their fans and have been warned.

“After receiving the citing report from the citing match commissioner for match day 3, they have deemed no further action is required against the players,” a letter to Hippos signed by the URU chief executive officer Isaac Lutwama reads in part.

Hippos identified the culprit and banned him from accessing all their home games but that was not enough to convince the union.

“Furthermore, following on from your action against the fan identified as Mr Timothy Kitamirike who breached the field of play and was involved in attempting to strike a player – Desire Ayera, we recognised your quick action in identifying and sanctioning.”

“However, URU will hold Jinja Hippos Rugby Club accountable for the actions of your fans and as such, we issue a suspended sanction for Jinja Hippos Rugby to play their next game with no fans,” the letter warned.

However, the fan’s suspension is dependent upon the club putting in place measures to control the crowds and protect the players and officials during matches.

Fan Timothy Kitamirike (white headstock) attacking Pirates Desire Ayera (red top) Courtesy Photo

In addition to the Hippos ban, Kitamirike has been banned from accessing all URU activities including the national teams.

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