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I don’t have the balls to marry five wives. Chameleon

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon has hailed men who marry five wives.

Chameleon says that someone has to have the courage and balls to marry five wives.

According to him, marrying many wives is one thing that he cannot handle

“I don’t have the courage and balls to marry five wives. I salute all the men who are that courageous and that’s one thing I can’t do. Not that I don’t see beautiful women but I am not that courageous.”

Chameleon and wife Daniella Atim

On his name

“People have spoilt my name Chameleon but they will never spoil Joseph Mayanja. I always protect Mayanja, people always say that’s how Chameleon behaves but that’s just an alias , many don’t know me.” Said Chameleon during an interview on Sanyuka TV

The legendary musician will tonight have his Gwanga Mujje concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

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