Naked Photos of prominent photographer’s wife leak

Man Jose Kayima

Photos of renown senior Kabale photographer’s wife leaked allover social media.

The lady identified as Moreen is married to photographer Peter Kakuru had her naked pics while in bed awash social media.

Photo by the Informer media

Moreen is suspected to have been sending the picture to one of her side dish but ended up sharing it in a WhatsApp group in Kabale.

She is also a daughter to catechist and hails from Mukatojo Cell Butare Parish in Muko Sub County in Rubanda.

Three years ago, Moreen and her husband Kakuru walked down the aisle.

The husband called Moreen for answers about the leaked photos.

Moreen has since not shown up following the incident and is believed to have went back to her parents in Muko.

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